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March 2014 Withdrawal of UK forces nearing completion - BBC.
May 2012 Former 40 Commando Marine returns to Falklands for 30th anniversary of the San Carlos landings. Ilkeston Advertiser. Also, new memorial at the NMA - BBC.
March 2012 40 Commando does FIBUA training in Kent. Royal Navy.
December 2011 The Military Wives Choir compete for the Xmas No.1 spot by releasing a track in aid of the Royal British Legion and the SSAFA. North Devon Gazette.
November 2011 40 Commando Marine makes [a very inspirational] calendar to raise funds for new rehabilitation centre at Devonport. BBC.  ThisIsDevon.
October 2011 40 Commando Marine to switch on Xmas lights. ThisIsPlymouth.
Taunton soldiers feature in IWM display. ThisIsWestCountry.
Contrary to what we were led to believe previously, our local lads are now going next year (proving you just can't trust the media). More here. Relieving 3rd Commando Brigade will be 20th Armoured Brigade and we'd very much like to include them in our little scheme, especially as they are going to be there over Christmas. They are, after all, just as professional and dedicated and no less deserving, so do please keep the donations coming.
40 Commando cross-train with the USMC. Observation Post.
40 Commando [were due, we thought] to return to Afghanistan. Please keep the kind donations coming. Lashka Gah Weather   Musa Qala Weather
September 2011 40 Commando deploy to US for intensive training. BBC.
Donations from our community allow us to send another five boxes to be distributed amongst frontline Marines in Afghanistan. Thank you, everybody!
Our collection box for donated gifts goes active in the village shop. Within a few hours it is already full - thank you to everybody who caused that!
August 2011 Our first four boxes sent to frontline Marines in Afghanistan.
Work begins on dedicated 40 Commando rehabilitation facilities at Norton Manor. BBC.  Gazette.  Gibraltar Chronicle.
July 2011 Local Marines row length of Thames. BBC.
June 2011 WSR name engine for local Marines. Gazette.
Some villagers continue to support troops in the field through a local contact on a casual basis. Shortly thereafter FOOF goes formal.
April 2011 40 Commando deploy to Persian Gulf for intensive training, returning July. BBC.

Original group formed and organised as "Cotford Cares For 40 Commando." Villagers donate a multitude of items which are duly packed and sent to the field. Troops by all accounts are "extremely grateful."