Military Wives Choir


Given that the Xmas 2011 No.1 slot seems to be coming down to a head-to-head between the Military Wives Choir and some manufactured X-Factor pap whose sole purpose is to rehash some original pop classic in a flat, low-vocal-range manner to the benefit of Simon Cowell (a very rich man whose trouser waistband would throttle him if it were any higher) may I respectfully tender to all that they assist in boosting the MWC to the No.1 spot by purchasing their single and eschewing the plastic pap offered by the House of Cowell? At least then you can enjoy the festive season knowing you've done something conscionable for selfless people stuck in a Godforsaken place and not enriched a tax exile who couldn't give two hoots beyond his own enrichment.


It's worth mentioning that, apparently, most of the MWC have "other halves" who are based not far from here at Chivenor.


Click here for their video.


Eggs For Soldiers!


They're available in the supermarkets, they're free range, delicious, make great omelettes and cracking cakes, and every box sold sends 15p to Help For Heroes.