June 2012: Many more thanks to those who've kept a steady stream of goodies coming in via the shop. We were able to put together a big box of "no0n-shoeboxable" items to pass on to the camp Welfare Office, who we gather share them out to those who've suffered injuries and are working through the camps rehabilitation centre. This month we took a bottle of Robinsons Summer Fruits, a tin of Fox's Biscuits, a box of After Dinner Mints, three aerosol deodorants, a bag of popcorn, a packet of pink wafers, a box of Turkish Delight, three Kit-Kats, a Yorkie, a pack of Breakway biscuits, a pack of choccy digestives, some Blue Riband wafers (now there's a brand that evokes many a childhood memory!), two packs of Jelly Babies (I wonder if I'm too old to join up...?! J), a pack of Randoms and some Haribo Gold Bears.

October 2011: A big thank you to the thoughtful people who put the two big tins of shortbread, the big jar of sweets and the big pack of Mini Rolls in the collection box. These items are quite large and/or heavy as far as shoeboxes are concerned so what we'll do with these is take them to the camp and give them to the Marine on guard at the gatehouse to share with his colleagues who are in camp; maybe put them out where they go for tea-break or suchlike. Also, the MoD isn't keen on aerosols in parcels, we've learned, so we'll put the kind donations of some deodorant and shaving foam into the bag for the camp, too. We also had several chocolate items which we thought we could send in the winter months but we gather it's still a bit hot so we put our heads together and had a brainwave; as we originally started to support the Marines, who aren't in Afghanistan at the moment, why not give the chocolate to the families of those who will be overseas at Xmas, for their children? We also gave a bag of funsize Mars Bars to a 42 Cmdo Marine to take to work and share with his colleagues. We heard that there is a Marine in the village who is currently hors d'combat so we made up a little box of goodies to take around to him, too. We have also learned that the Rehabilitation Centre at the camp would be pleased to have little treats to hand out to the injured Marines in their care so we have that outlet, too. We think that this "off-shoebox" idea is a fair way of using donated items that can't be sent to Afghanistan and also of meeting the original raison d'etre of supporting local Marines in the interim before they too go out to Afghanistan. We are, of course, happy to hear other ideas.


November 2011: Took a box of Heroes, two tins of shortbread, a large box of tissues, a Christmas pud and packet of custard (the pud contained alcohol) and thirty Christmas Cards addressed to 40 Commando members to the camp.

December 2011: Two large biscuit selection boxes donated in the first week of the month went to the camp for the lads to share, as did further donations of assorted biscuits, a Christmas cake, a Santa hat, a toy Christmas tree and a box of mini crackers. Later in the month we took another tin of assorted biscuits, a box of After Eight's and a Freddo Frog chocolate bar.

January 2012: A tin of Fox's Biscuits, two packets of assorted biscuits, a box of Cadbury's chocolate biscuits and five packs of Mint Aero went to the camp to be shared out.

March 2012: A pack of Glacier Mints, a pack of Glacier Fruits, a pack of Jelly Babies (yum!), a Yorkie bar and a pack of Easter chicks (not real ones!) were taken to the Welfare Officer.

April 2012: A box of Liquorice Allsorts, a pack of Breakaway, a tube of Love Hearts, a pack of Werther's, a bag of Starburst, a pack of Glacier Fruits, a bag of Love Hearts, a box of Minnestrone sachets, two tubes of Pringles, some Chupa-Chupps, a bag of toffee popcorn (oh, yeahhh!), three aerosol deodorants and a Patricia Cornwell audio book (The Front) were taken to the camp for handing out to the boys.

December 2012: Took a box of assorted biscuits, a tin of shortbrtead, a tub of Celebrations and two Wispa bars to the camp. Later in the month (Xmas Eve, as it happens) we took a tin of Fox's Assorted Biscuits, a pack of Penguins, a pack of Rocky bars and a pack of that old school lunchbox favourite, Blue Riband to the camp.